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Align Strategies to Deliver Target State

Strategy Management, Alignment and Realisation Tool (SMAaRT) is a best practice capability model which has been derived from optimised practices in manufacturing, mining, utilities, health, councils and major asset intensive organisations.

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Your Own PMO Headquarters

PMOHQ - the simple, practical and pragmatic solution to delivering utility projects

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Innovation. Transformation. Delivery Success

Implementing strategic objectives through aligned transformational delivery outcomes. Experts in Asset Management and ERP implementations.

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Online training - real life application

Learn from utility professionals on how to apply methodologies in the real-life workplace to uplift capability.

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Safe Bet for Utility Staffing

On-site and off-site staffing to suit your needs.  We remove the risks involved in taking on new staff.

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Data Analytics

Optika Solutions is an Australian software and product solutions development company. We are one of the world’s foremost providers in data science, solving first world problems daily.

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Experts Say

Exclusive interviews with industry professionals, sharing their spoken views and thoughts.  Expert advice in current and relevant issues facing utility companies including transformation, innovative solutions and best practice strategies.

Digital Transformation for CEOs: Utilities

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Next Generation Utility: are you prepared for the transformation?

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The missing link to renewable energy

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Changing Business Models in the Utility Sector

The underlying technology in electricity has lead to rapid increases in asset costs and upward pressure on margins and prices.

How the use of cloud can change the utility business model

With every passing day, the pressure to seek more flexible delivery options is increasing, while barriers are weakening.

The Challenges facing Australian utilities

The utility sector is undergoing transformational changes which are challenging the traditional business model of distribution, metering and billing.

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