Utility Sector Expertise

Utility companies need to adopt an organisation wide Enterprise Asset Management approach to realise their strategic goals. An issue facing many utility companies is a poor standard of Asset Management. This is becoming recognised by many Regulatory bodies which are now requiring evidence of the prudency of the investments and the efficiency of the investment delivery.Asset management consulting is a specialist delivery stream within the utilities sector developed by industry Asset Management leaders that have been associated with major AM global initiatives. These initiatives have led to the development of processes, systems and technology to help utility clients unlock the hidden potential in assets to achieve:

  • Improved performance and productivity outcomes through increasing the overall return on investment
  • Improved safety and environmental management
  • Increased productivity through asset reliability
  • Lowered total cost of ownership

These providers provide services across a range of asset management disciplines, from RCM through to program of work planning and development of asset management plans.

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