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Staff on Demand

It is fairly common to see the letters “aaS” appear after words like software, infrastructure and disaster recovery. This approach is now translating into service delivery to support business operations in a low cost, on-demand manner.  Organisations will often need staffing scalability to support transformations and key business improvement initiatives.  This scalability may be required for short predefined periods to support business demand and is vital to augment BAU business functions.
StaaS can help you address staffing augmentation requirements through providing highly trained, quality people for a fraction of the cost.StaaS removes the risks involved in taking on new staff and is a safer bet when it comes to providing resources for your company. So, if you are assessing your resourcing needs, contact us for more information.In a nutshell, StaaS recruits permanent, executive and contract professionals (local and international). We find the right people for the right job at the right time.Our team of committed consultants is adept at filling mainstream utility roles, as well as more specialist, niche or hard-to-source roles that others may struggle with. In fact, we thrive on the challenge.People and process seamlessly come together to connect quality job seekers with utility career opportunities.