Deliver Your Program Of Work With On-Demand Project Services

With the ever increasing scrutiny by regulatory bodies and stakeholders on the delivery of the Program of Work, utility companies will need to leverage the convergence of portfolio and resource management to meet business and project demands. This will require improved project performance management and delivery practices in a cost constrained environment.

Many utility program of work managers face the following questions:

As new project initiatives come along, do I have the resources to carry out the work?


If work demands exceed the supply of resources, what do I do?

If my PMO is not delivering and I have high project churn, what do I do?

Project Management Office Head Quarters (PMOHQ) is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to manage the delivery of a complex program of work specifically for the utility sector.

This project management tool has been developed by Industry Project Delivery leaders to support the utility sector to address these business challenges. PMOHQ uses proven approaches and techniques to reach equilibrium and properly forecast upcoming initiatives within the project portfolio. PMOHQ focuses on augmenting your existing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and resource management practices, providing a system to make the necessary improvements in these two critical areas so they function in concert with one another to provide essential information that drives intelligent management decisions and actions.

PMOHQ also offers on-demand resources as your virtual PMO staff, which provides a cost effective method of augmenting your current team.