Elon Musk Wins his own 100-day bet

With ‘out of this world’ project performance…

Elon Musk has made headlines time and time again this year, and most recently, with the launch of his SpaceX rockets, and Tesla roadster into orbit. But besides watching Star Man on his trip away from Earth, bigger achievements in the way of solar technology have astounded South Australian Government officials with the rapid pace of execution.

The 100MW/129MWh battery facility, designed by Tesla, had been manufactured to help stabilise the power grid in South Australia, with the promise that if installation was not completed within 100 days from the signing of the contract, that the $50m price tag would be covered by Tesla themselves.

However, the system may not be the only one of its kind in Australia – with Lyon, a renewable energy firm residing in Brisbane, QLD, and SolarQ, of Queensland, also planning large scale battery storage, along with SolarQ taking the step towards a 350MW solar facility.

In comparison, the new 129MWh, South Australian facility trumps the San Diego Gas and Electric’s 120MWh storage facility, but will need to undergo further testing before taking the storage system live. It definitely sets a clear message, that South Australia will a leader in the renewable energy battery storage field.

Alongside battery storage, Tesla is also assisting the South Australian government with establishing the worlds largest ‘Virtual Power Plant,’ connecting at least 50,000 homes to Tesla batteries, and rooftop solar panels.

Tesla says that when the VPP is completed, that it would be capable of providing the same energy output of a gas turbine or coal power plant. Advanced warning and early detection technology in the Tesla Powerwall is able to take each household offline, and supply power, with a seamless transition, meaning that a large portion of South Australians will run on a power grid, supplied by solar power, and solar power alone.

As Tesla’s technology advances, we will start to see even greater movement in the solar energy sector, especially around the way that businesses and households are able to maintain ample amounts of power for consumption around the clock.

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